Struggling with something?

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Is it time to reflect? Make a start at the philosophical practice for professionals in healthcare. First session is free. 

Struggling with something?

Quite a job you have as professional, phycisian, caregiver, administrator, scientist, politician or entrepeneur: 

Philosophical Practice

Facts are governed by science. All the rest is about meaning, values and goals. Philosophy is meant for that. It’s been practiced for thousands of years. In the private setting of the practice no topic is avoided. On the contrary.

Marco D’Agata

Is Dutch/Italian and studied biomedical sciences at Utrecht University and Philosophy at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.  


Making a start is free. No costs are involved in the first meeting. Please note: the number of intakes per month is limited.

Book session

For professionals or consumers. A philosophical conversation is 45 minutes. Normally 10-15 sessions are needed to get to the core of a problem. And back.

Team Acces Card

For teams, departments, healthcare organisations, institutions and companies. An annual access card with a combination of physical, online en in-house settings.

What others say


“Time to Reflect (Tijd voor Reflectie) is located in Waiting Room 1st Class, The Old Station in Houten, The Netherlands. And in Baarn at Smelt Human Capital.

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